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win naturally instant win game - nestle

win naturally instant win game

Nestle was running an in-store promotion & online sweepstakes for their new Natural Bliss product line. They required a mobile & a desktop of the site since users could gain entry via QR codes available on in-store signage. The interfaces had to be available in both English & Spanish. The purpose of this project was to spread consumer awareness about these new products.


There were legal limitations surrounding the residency requirements & the collection of user information. They requested a page with all of the zip codes, so users could find their zip code then proceed with the registration process. Initially they only wanted users to download the coupon after submitting their entry, thus limiting coupon downloads to only those in the eligible areas. They could not request any kind of information from users who were not eligible for the sweepstakes. Furthermore, they could only collect the addresses of users who were selected as instant winners. back to top


In order to address the zip code issue we divided the registration process down into two parts. First, the users had to enter in the zip code, & it was checked against the zip codes in the database our developer created. Second, the users who were not eligible for the sweepstakes were taken to a thank page where they could download the coupon. The users who were eligible proceeded to a registration page where only their name, phone, & email were collected. The users who were selected as instant winners were forwarded to a confirmation page where their mailing address was collected. This addressed the information collection issues they were concerned about. Only the necessary data was collected from the appropriate users. back to top

my contribution

I participated in several calls with the client & legal team. I collaborated with the developers & the account executive to make sure all of the requirements were addressed. I created the wireframes, process flows, & walked the client through all of these documents via conference call. Upon approval I created the design comps for the both the desktop & mobile interfaces. back to top

lessons learned

This project really took me out of my comfort zone with all of the legal revisions. Every round of wireframes came back with several edits. I'm accustom to dealing with all kinds of client revisions, branding limitations, etc., but it was a little bit intimidating to constantly hear the words "Our legal team thinks we need to go in a different direction with this. The legal team doesn't approve that." The whole situation taught me to be a better interpreter instead of taking client requests literally. back to top