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25 days of trivia - princess cruises

win naturally instant win game

Princess Cruises needed an on going sweepstakes were users could select their own grand prize & partake in trivia for daily prizes. Users were entered into the grand prize drawing, a cruise of their choice, when they initially registered. The daily trivia portion was represented as a map with various destinations.

destination map

The only major hurdle was creating a solution for the destinations map, since it had to be the main focal point throughout the interface. back to top


The map would have been a waste of space to have it just sitting there as an image, so it was incorporated into the interface's functionality. It was used to house the trivia questions. Each day the user's avatar would move to that day's trivia destination where they could answer a question about that specific area. In essence, it maybe the trivia's platform. back to top

final map interface
trivia question lightbox
my contribution

I created wireframes, userflows, & comps for this project. I worked with the developer, the account executive, & the clients in order to brainstorm solutions. back to top

lessons learned

Sometimes the simple solutions can still produce a very elegant final product. I've grown accustom to having to constantly think & over-think everything. This was a nice change for once a simple solution created something that everyone was pleased with. back to top

final map interface