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the pink path experience - ge healthcare

the pink path experience

GE Healthcare - France needed a microsite to promote their new breast cancer awareness exhibit, The Pink Path Experience. It showcased the artists, provided breast cancer information, resources, featured opening day videos, & promoted new GEH mammography equipment.

the pink path experience - homepage

There were several obstacles surrounding this project. The client requested the site be available to the public; however, that couldn't be done due to the tight deadline, budget, & amount of time needed for a site to be published externally. Plus, the site had to be as interactive as possible allowing users to comments & upload photos. back to top


The IT team setup a domain on GE's intranet in order to address the hosting issue. However, the intranet didn't support any server-side code which meant several of the required functionality would have to be scrapped. I suggested a phased approach so the site would launch by opening day & using GEH's existing social media accounts to address the client's concern for user interactivity. Then launching the site externally with full functionality once all of the hosting issues were resolved. back to top

the pink path experience - facts
the pink path experience - wireframe/sitemap
my contribution

I was in the driver's seat for the majority of this project, since the department I worked in mainly created print collateral & emails. I was responsible for educating my team about the workflow for carrying out larger web projects & how to create a timeline that would accommodates all of the phases. I introduced them to wireframes & sitemaps, & preached about their importance. I reviewed the designs & made sure they did not deviate from the proposed functionality depicted in the wireframes. back to top

lessons learned

I learned not to take the development process for granted. In my previous positions I have worked with a team of web-savvy individuals. This experience was quite different. Building this microsite was quite an endeavor to say the least. I thought to myself "Microsites aren't that serious. I can do this in my sleep!" Silly me. I had to come out of my shell & act as an authority on this project, since I was the person on the team that knew the most (about the web). In addition, I was quite naive about the corporate IT hierarchy & all of the hurdles one most go through in order to get something done. back to top

the pink path experience - meet grace